The 9 Best Bamboo Toilet Papers you can Buy in 2020

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Globally, more than 27.000 trees are cut down everyday just to create toilet paper. That’s a lot of trees, therefore, using toilet paper indirectly causes deforestation.

The average average American uses over 140 rolls of toilet paper each year, that’s 50% more compared to European and the Japanese. If we’re not careful, our use of toilet paper may just destroy the environment.

Luckily, more and more people are becoming aware about the effects of using toilet paper. Because of that, a lot of manufacturers are starting to produce more environmentally friendly toilet paper products.

One of the more innovative ways of improving a toilet paper’s eco friendliness is by using a more sustainable source material. It turns out, bamboo is one of the most sustainable alternatives for producing toilet paper.

Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

There’s basically 6 reasons why bamboo toilet paper is better compared to regular toilet paper, both for your health and for the environment.

They’re Biodegradable

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, because of that, when left in nature, they’ll completely degrade after some time.

It won’t fill up your landfill if you decide to dump your toilet paper in the trash bag. Also, don’t forget to use biodegradable and compostable trash bags while you’re at it.

It also won’t clog up your septic system. For those of you that are living in an old house or has a sensitive septic system, opt for septic safe toilet papers that are made out of bamboo.

It Reduces Deforestation

One mature hardwood tree can produce up to 200 rolls, or about 100 pounds of toilet paper. Currently, there are 83 million toilet paper rolls produced everyday. Which means, over 27.000 trees are cut down everyday just to produce toilet paper.

Why not use faster growing alternatives such as bamboo. They grow fast enough that we won’t have to cut down forests just to keep up with toilet paper demand.

It’s cooler, stronger, and softer

Bamboo fiber is also naturally stronger compared to hardwood fibers. Because of that toilet papers made out of bamboo fiber are usually stronger. You won’t have to worry about your bamboo based toilet paper ripping or during regular use.

Besides being stronger, they’re also cooler and softer to the touch. That’s why most bamboo toilet paper is just as good if not better compared to their regular counterparts in comfort and softness.

Reduces Paper Consumption

The usage of paper fiber is one of the leading causes of global deforestation. Toilet paper production is one of the largest users of paper fiber, because of that, if we use less paper fiber for producing toilet paper, we could definitely reduce the rate of deforestation.

One of the alternatives to using hardwood based paper fiber is to use bamboo based fiber. They’re a faster growing and more sustainable alternative to hardwood fiber.

Uses Less Chemicals

Because toilet paper is made using virgin wood fiber, it needs less artificial coloring, bleaches, and perfumes compared to recycled toilet paper. As a result, it’s both safer for the environment and for your skin.

Helps Local Communities Prosper

The bamboo industry is active all year round due to it’s fast growing properties. Because of that, it helps provide steady jobs for locals, either harvesting or processing the bamboo.

The 9 Best Bamboo Toilet Papers

Now that you’ve known the reasons why bamboo is a great material for making toilet paper, we’ve rounded up the best bamboo toilet paper for you to try, check it out!

[Top Pick] Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Bath Tissue

Caboo is a canadian based toilet paper brand that makes toilet paper from organically grown bamboo and sugarcane. Both of it’s source materials are fast growing and sustainably sourced to ensure a product with the highest sustainability.

It’s 2-Ply sheets are a perfect combination of strength and softness. The high strength of bamboo fiber is mixed with the softness of sugarcane to create a great performance eco-friendly toilet paper.

You won’t find this toilet paper ripping during use, you also won’t find it hard and abrasive on your skin. Truly the best of both worlds.

This toilet paper is also very absorptive, you won’t have to use many sheets when wiping yourself. That means, you can reduce paper waste by using Caboo’s bamboo and sugarcane bath tissue.

Caboo’s toilet paper is also made with almost no chemicals, BPA free, lint free, fragrance free, and parabens free. They also use hydrogen peroxide bleaching process to reduce chlorine exposure and create less environmental waste.

It’s 2-ply design and use of biodegradable materials also makes it a great septic-safe toilet paper. It’s perfect for use in old septic systems, RV, boats, and when you’re out camping.

[Recommended] NooTrees 100% Virgin EcoLuxe Bamboo Toilet Rolls

This Singaporean brand bamboo toilet paper is made out of organically grown 100% virgin bamboo pulp. It’s also forest steward council (FSC) certified to ensure it’s sustainability.

The bamboo fiber used is very soft and highly absorbent, at least 20% more compared to regular wood pulp. Being 3-ply also means that this toilet paper is very cushiony and plush. Because of that you won’t have any problem with skin irritation due to rough toilet papers.

The highly absorbent nature of this toilet paper also means that you won’t have to use too much product to clean yourself. You’ll use fewer products, thus saving the environment too.

NooTrees bamboo toilet paper is also made without using chemical additives such as BPA, dyes, or other bleaching chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, this might just be the right toilet paper for you.

Worried about the plastic packaging? worry not, they’re made out of Oxo biodegradable polymer plastic that’ll biodegrade when you put them in the landfill. No need to worry about contributing to the ever present plastic waste problem.

[Recommended] Silk’N Soft No Trees Bamboo Toilet Paper

Silk’N Soft is a Canadian bamboo toilet paper company that’s renowned for it’s superior softness compared to other bamboo toilet paper and even regular toilet papers.

It’s made out of 100% bamboo fibers that’s free of harsh chemicals. It also skips the use of chlorine as a bleaching agent so that it’s more environmentally friendly and easier on your skin. As an alternative, it uses hydrogen peroxide in an elemental chlorine free ECF process to bleach the toilet paper.

Being very soft and free of harsh chemicals means that this toilet paper is great for you guys that have sensitive skin. It wont irritate your skin in any way.

Being 3-Ply, you would think that this toilet paper is not septic safe, but you’d be wrong. Because it’s sheets are thin, it won’t clog up your septic system when flushed down the toilet.

Each rolls of the Silk’n bamboo toilet paper contains 300 sheets which are the equivalent of a jumbo roll of toilet paper. Even though it’s not you’re regular jumbo rolls, these toilets are guaranteed to last for a long time.

WholeRoll Bamboo Toilet Paper

A newcomer in the bamboo based toilet paper segment, Whole Roll organic toilet paper is made out of organic bamboo that’s sure to be sustainable and very eco friendly.

For more environmental action, the company also plants trees in the gulf coast region for every pack sold, how cool is that!

This toilet paper is free of harsh chemicals and doesn’t use chlorine, it uses hydrogen peroxide as an alternative bleaching chemical that’s mild on your skin and on the environment. Besides, it’s also BPA free, for people that have sensitive skin, this is a godsend.

It comes in tightly rolled rolls so it wont take much space when you store it. The packaging is also quite sturdy and uses 100% recycled plastic, because of that, it’s eco friendly too!

Still, it’s not as good as it’s recycled paper compatriots, you need to recycle the packaging because it will not degrade naturally in nature.

The toilet paper itself is quite soft and plush, it’s also strong so it wont break when you’re using it to wipe yourself. Being lint free means that you don’t have to worry about any mess when wiping.

But be warned, it’s 3-ply, due to it’s thickness, it may not dissolve when flushed and may clog older septic systems. If you’re looking for an option that’s easier on your septic system, pick other 2-Ply alternatives such as Caboo.

However, wholeroll is a great bamboo based toilet paper that’s soft and plush while also being environmentally friendly.

Bim Bam Boo

Another tree free alternative from Bim Bam Boo, this one is specifically made for those of you that are environmentally conscious yet have a sensitive skin.

Most eco friendly toilet papers are either not soft or use harsh chemicals to whiten the fibers, well, not this one.

Bim bam boo uses no chlorine, harsh chemicals, and is also hypoallergenic. It’s designed to not leave flints when used to wipe yourself. Because of that, people with sensitive skin should seriously consider using this toilet paper.

It’s also packaged in a cardboard container containing 24 rolls, with each roll containing 295 sheets. That’s a lot of toilet paper, and with no plastic to be found, this is surely one of the most eco friendly toilet paper there is.

You can also count on the quality of the fibers used. The bamboo is sourced from an FSC certified bamboo grove in China. It’s sure to be sustainably sourced and harvested.

The only downside to this toilet paper is that it’s not really septic safe. Because it’s strong, it doesn’t break up as rapidly as other toilet paper when flushed down the toilet. If you have a sensitive or old septic system, you might want to look for other toilet papers.

But, if you have a modern state of the art septic system, there’s no reason to not try Bim Bam Boo toilet paper.

Pure Planet Club

Pure planet’s 3-Ply toilet paper is made out of high quality bamboo and sugarcane fibers. Because of that, this toilet paper is proudly tree free and won’t cause any deforestation whatsoever.

As we have discussed, using bamboo is highly beneficial for the environment as it is faster growing and uses less water compared to regular trees.

This toilet paper also skimps on using plastic on any part of it’s packaging. When using this toilet paper, you can be sure that you’re using a 100% sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable toilet paper.

Even though this toilet paper is plenty soft, it’s not as soft as regular 3-ply toilet papers such as Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. Because of that, if you’re used to ultra plush 3-ply toilet papers, this might be a little different.

Besides, even though it is made out of bamboo and is highly biodegradable, it’s also 3-ply. You have to use this toilet paper with caution if you have a sensitive septic system or is living in an old house with old plumbing systems.

If you have a sensitive septic system, it might be better for you to pick other 2-Ply alternatives compared to this one. But, if you have a great septic system, this is a great toilet paper to use.

Dream Bright

Dream Bright bamboo toilet paper is made out of 100% virgin bamboo fiber that’s sustainably sourced to ensure a top quality eco-friendly product.

This 3-ply bamboo toilet paper is super soft, super strong, and super absorbent. This is achieved by using top quality bamboo fibers during the manufacturing process.

It’s very soft as to not irritate your skin during regular use. Dream Bright also doesn’t use any harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. It’s chlorine bleach free, so that it’s also safe for sensitive skin.

It’s strong and absorbent sheets will ensure it will not rip and break when being used. Because it absorbs over 30% more water compared to regular unbleached tissues, you need to use less of this product to achieve the same results.

Seedling by Grove Bamboo Toilet Paper

Seedling by grove is a company that makes 100% tree free toilet paper made from bamboo fiber. Their bamboo is responsibly grown and sustainably sourced to ensure the highest quality environmentally friendly product.

This tissue paper is very strong and absorbent. It won’t break during regular use and will be able to absorb a lot of liquid before dissolving. Because of that you can use a lesser amount compared to regular toilet paper.

Their 400 sheet rolls comes in a packaging that’s plastic free, sourced from recyclable materials, and 100% recyclable.

With every purchase, the company donates a small amount of profit to the arbor day foundation to replant trees in areas that are affected by deforestation across the United States.

Even though Grove claims that it’s septic safe, because it’s 3-ply, we would recommend you to use these toilet paper with caution if you have an old septic system.

You can buy Seedling by Grove’s toilet paper HERE.

Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Cloversoft’s bamboo toilet paper is made out of 100% natural unbleached bamboo fiber. It still retains it’s natural brown shade, a characteristic of natural bamboo pulp.

It’s also free of harsh chemicals, BPA free, and chlorine free because it’s unbleached. Because of that, it’s a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Cloversoft bamboo toilet tissue is strong and absorbent so that it won’t rip or tear during regular use. You also won’t need to use too many sheets because of it’s high absorbency.

However, being a 3-ply toilet paper, we would advise against using this if you have an old septic system or a sensitive one. You’d be better served by using 2 or 1-ply alternatives to reduce the chance of clogging.

Cloversoft Bamboo Toilet Paper can be bought HERE.

The Verdict

Choosing the right bamboo based toilet paper can be hard, it all depends on what you need. Because of that, we’ve made this guide to help you choose the best one.

If you’re looking for a high quality bamboo based toilet paper at a fair price, we would recommend you to buy Caboo, NooTrees, or Silk’N Soft. The three of them combine quality, price, and eco friendliness into one great package.

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