We are Ecohavn and our goal is to educate and endorse environmentally friendly living. Ecohavn is founded in 2019 by a bunch of college kids disgruntled by the lack of good resources on eco friendly living. From applying Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, using renewable energy, to creating conscious change in your lifestyle choices, Ecohavn has got you covered.

Renewable Energy

We believe in harnessing renewable resources to support our daily activities. We believe that renewable energies are going to be the most important source of energy in the future. Because of that, we would like to build people’s awareness about them.

We also believe in using sustainable products, products that doesn’t sacrifice the environment when you consume them. But sustainable doesn’t always have to come from the product. You can also be sustainable yourself.

We hope to be the internet’s authoritative guide on living an eco friendly lifestyle. Because, soon enough, being eco friendly isn’t just going to be a niche, it’s going to be a necessity.

Come, join the revolution, join Ecohavn!