6 Reasons Why Bamboo Toilet Papers are Better Compared To Regular Ones!

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ecently, bamboo toilet papers have entered the spotlight as one of the most ecologically friendly alternatives to wipe your behind. But, have you ever wondered what difference does a bamboo toilet paper have compared to regular toilet paper?

Turns out, there are 6 major differences that bamboo toilet papers have compared to their regular counterparts. But different isn’t always better, is it? Lets dive in shall we!

It’s Biodegradable

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable
Bamboo is 100% Biodegradable!

It turns out that bamboo is 100% biodegradable. It means that, when left in nature for some time, bamboo will break down into it’s constituent materials, and, poof! No more bamboo.

There are two major benefits of bamboo being highly biodegradable. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about filling up your local landfill. Bamboo waste will quickly degrade and take a tiny amount of space.

If everyone used bamboo-based products, we wont have problems such as landfill shortages. Don’t forget to use biodegradable and compostable trash bags too while you’re at it.

Secondly, yep, you guessed it, they wont clog up your drain! Really handy right! For those of you that are living in an old house or has a troublesome plumbing system, using bamboo toilet paper will do miracles to ease your clogging problems.

Consequentially, bamboo is also one of the best materials for creating septic safe toilet paper.

It Can Reduce Deforestation

Bamboo grows really fast, because of that, using bamboo toilet paper can reduce deforestation
Bamboo grows really fast, so, it’s quite sustainable compared to regular hardwood trees

One mature hardwood tree can produce up to 200 rolls or about 100 pounds of toilet paper. Currently, there are 83 million toilet paper rolls produced everyday. Which means, over 27.000 trees are cut down everyday just so we can wipe ourselves clean in the bathroom. Pretty bleak isn’t it?

Why not use a faster growing alternative such as… Bamboo! This wonder-plant grows back almost faster than loggers can cut them. Well technically it’s cheating because bamboo is sort of a grass rather than a tree, but hey, if it’s fibrous enough to be converted into toilet paper, i’m not complaining.

Bamboo can produce as much if not more fiber using less land compared to regular hardwood trees used to make paper.Tom Berry, Head of sustainability at Kimberly-Clark EMEA

Currently, between 25-50% of toilet paper used in the United States comes from tree farms in the US and South America. The rest mostly coming from second growth forest, and a few from virgin forests. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we all used fast growing bamboo as our staple product? Deforestation could be a thing of the past!

It’s Cooler, Stronger, and Softer

Bamboo fibers create a stronger and much softer toilet paper
Bamboo Fiber is Naturally Stronger Compared to Regular Hardwood Fibers

Bamboo fiber is naturally stronger compared to hardwood, because of that papers made out of bamboo fibers are usually stronger compared to regular paper. If you need to do any heavy duty cleaning or scrubbing with your toilet paper, you probably know what to use now (right?).

Creating a softer product like Andrex Eco (using bamboo) could open the door for greater consumer uptake and help us all play a part in moving to a more sustainable lifestyle. Julia Young, Manager of WWF Global Trade and Forest Network

Besides being stronger, bamboo fibers are also softer and cooler to the touch. Two properties that naturally makes it a better candidate for toilet paper. Currently, there are many toilet papers that incorporate bamboo fibers to create a softer and more luxurious feel. They are good, but why not use the real deal?

Reduces Paper Consumption

Americans on average use over 50 pounds of paper per year, or about 50% more compared to other western countries!
Americans on average use over 50 pounds of paper per year, or about 50% more compared to other western countries!

Americans use way more paper compared to other western countries and Japan, over 50% more! The average American uses over 50 pounds of paper per year, that’s no small number. The high consumption may be explained by the fact that most Americans rely on toilet paper to clean themselves rather than using spray hoses or bidets.

As said before, this rampant usage of paper is one of the contributors to global deforestation, with over 27,000 trees cut down everyday just to produce toilet paper, it’s no wonder we’re losing forests left and right.

Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction BBC, Green Gold

Why not use bamboo as an alternative material for creating paper. Rather than using hardwood to create paper, people can utilize bamboo as a makeshift paper alternative. Besides being easier and faster to grow, bamboo has several other unique qualities such as being stronger and softer compared to regular paper. These qualities makes it the perfect material for toilet paper.

It Uses Less Chemicals

Bamboo toilet papers usually use less chemicals compared to recycled toilet paper, it's eco friendly alternative
Bamboo toilet papers usually use less chemicals compared to recycled toilet paper, it’s eco friendly alternative

Because bamboo tissue paper is made out of virgin wood fiber, it needs less artificial chemicals and coloring compared to recycled toilet paper products. As a result, bamboo toilet paper is better for your skin, especially for those of you that have sensitive skin or is allergic to chemicals.

Besides being good for your skin, using fewer artificial chemical and coloring is also good for the environment. By using a minuscule amount during it’s production process, bamboo toilet paper has a lesser ecological footprint compared to regular toilet paper and arguably even some recycled toilet paper. Because

It Helps Local Communities Prosper

Remember that we talked earlier about how bamboo’s grow really fast? Yep, because of it’s fast growing properties, bamboo harvesting industry is active all year round. Thus, locals have a steady job of cutting and processing the bamboo before it gets transported into the factory. Neat right?

It also has the potential to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and provide some of the world’s poorest people with cash. BBC, Green Gold

What good is an ecologically friendly product if it does not promote social well being (well, still pretty good, but you get my point, right?). From providing a steady income stream for lower class citizens to absorbing carbon dioxide and providing ecological services to the local community, bamboo does it all.


  • Biodegradable.
  • Reduces Deforestation.
  • Cooler, Stronger, and Softer
  • Reduces Paper Consumption.
  • Uses less Chemicals.
  • Helps Local Communities.

So there you have it folks, 6 reasons why bamboo toilet paper is better compared to your old regular toilet paper. Ready to make the switch? We have compiled the 10 best bamboo toilet papers in the market today!

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